Unwind with
Wellsystem Wave

Leave the world behind and enter a realm of unparalleled immersion with Wellsystem Wave:

  • This ultra-quiet system offers uninterrupted relaxation.
  • Maintenance-Free Airless Convenience: Immerse yourself in soothing water massages while staying comfortably dry, courtesy of the innovative airless water technology. Unlike traditional systems, the airless design eliminates the need for refilling or cleaning, as there’s no air to feed bacteria, ensuring a long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free experience with the Wellsystem.

Wellsystem Wave

Wellsystem Wave redefines wellness through innovation. This automated massage table utilizes AI technology and airless water to deliver massages that rival those of experts, all while keeping you comfortably dry.

Service Time 5 to 60 Minutes
Technology Water Jet Message & Spa Head
  • Pure Relaxation for the Whole Body 
  • Increased Circulation 
  • Energy boost
  • Relieves tension and strengthens 
  • Easy to use and customize the session
Control /Interface 10″ Touch Display
Scents & Aroma Yes
Sound Spa Hood
Smart Phone Connect / Charge Bluetooth Connect & SD Card
NFC Connect Yes
Dims Closed (L x W x H in inches) 90.20 x 53.54 x 47.13
Room size rec. (L x W in feet) 9 x 7
Weight 1,041 lb
Max Power Consumption 3,000 W
Volt | Amp | Breaker 230V | Single: 14 | 20 amps
Remote Access | T-max Compatible Yes

Wellsystem Wave is versatile and can be tailored to your unique wellness needs.

Whether you seek relief from stress, muscle tension, or simply desire a moment of pure relaxation, Wellsystem Wave is your go-to solution. Use it in conjunction with other wellness treatments for beneficial habit stacking or as a standalone escape to rejuvenation

Discover how this technology is setting a new standard in wellness.

For a more in-depth understanding of the technical specifications and diverse applications of Wellsystem Wave, explore our comprehensive brochure.

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